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Which Is The Best 3G Dongle? Tata Docomo, Wifi Dongle, Airtel, Idea Or Vodafone

Data card is the most common name used for 3G dongle. Or it is also known as internet 3G dongle. It holds tons of amenities and benefits. Starting with word dongle, specifically it is used for the device, which can be connected to any USB port. The word Internet dongle uses for this device because just the simple plugin will provide you with wireless connectivity. Here in this article we are going to share information about Best USB Dongle required for your PC.

3G network would provide you very easy availability of internet even you are away from wifi hotspot.

Which Is The Best 3G Dongle Tata Docomo, Wifi Dongle, Airtel, Idea Or Vodafone

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What is Best USB Dongle for 3G Internet according to you?

  • Airtel 3G.
  • Idea 3G.
  • Vodafone 3G.
  • Aircel 3G.
  • Reliance 3G.
  • MTS 3G.
  • Tata Photon+

Please let us know which is best dongle for Internet 3G according to you in comments.

Types Of 3G Plans

There are various types of 3G plans are available in the market. Tata Docmo 3G, Airtel 3G, Idea 3G or Vodafone3G, Airtel is the most attractive for the customers due to its fast services and also because they have reduced service prices up to 69 %.  You can select the best internet dongle among all the dongles. Further, we have discussed the pros and cons of each:

  1. Idea3G Dongle

Almost all the services of Idea3G plans are similar to Airtel services



  • It is cheaper, starts with Rs. 1600/-


  • Poor customer services.
  • No single window for document submission. No proper order of document submission and hence multiple rejection problem.
  • Many server errors.
  • Poor after purchase services.
  1. Airtel 3G Dongle


  • Problems get resolved easily.
  • Speed is very wonderful up to 6MPBS.
  • Price starts just from Rs. 999/-


  • Connection error problem while working on the internet.
  • Automatic disconnection.
  1. Vodafone3G Dongle


  • Easily available.


  • Too costly.
  • Speed is very slow.
  • Poor customer services.
  • Lots of network problems.
  1. Tata Docomo3G Dongle


  • High speed.
  • Good connectivity.


  • Very costly
  • Poor network in rural area.

 Importance Of 3G internet dongle

  • One can use it with many devices like Phone, Laptop, etc.
  • We can download or upload data anytime and anywhere.
  • It has SIM support and wifi connectivity.
  • It saves lots of energy, money and time.
  • It is helpful for net surfing, browsing, social networking and chatting.
  • It is the first choice of tech-savvy people as it is portable and can be used with wireless connections.
  • Easy to carry as it is small in size, cheaper to buy, multiple uses and can be used in home or office.
  • We do not need to carry extra charger for this because it runs with the battery of our computer, laptop or phone.
  • We can also take dongle on contract.


Thus, a 3G dongle can be used for many purposes. Apart from many benefits written above it have its own disadvantages, low speed, connectivity depends on types of phone network is in use, only limited data we can use and overseas charges are very much. After comparing the dongles given above you can check the best internet dongle as per your requirements.

But still it is the first choice of internet users as it is no built-in wifi card is required, cheaper, portable, no requirement of wifi spot, easy to use and handle.

My vote would go for Tata Docomo as best internet dongle. What about you , which Dongle  you use, do you like to share your reviews, share it in comments below.

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