How to Backup Data Easily Using IDrive Cloud Storage

Based out of the San Fernando Valley, IDrive has been in the backup market since 1995, which makes it one of the oldest services of this type alongside Dropbox. Despite their experience in the cloud storage market, IDrive has unfortunately not received as much attention as they deserve, and we will try to do them justice in this short article.

In spite of its age, IDrive has not remained stuck in the past – they have graciously adapted to the times, while still attempting to offer a unique service. One of the things that separates IDrive from its correct competitors is their backup system and infrastructure, which we will analyze and explain throughout the duration of this write-up. Here is how to backup data easily using IDrive cloud storage.

General Information about IDrive’s Backup System

IDrive is first and foremost a disaster recovery tool designed to protect users from hard-drive crashes, and their features and platform are built around this scenario. The platform supports clients for most operating systems, include Linux, macOS and Windows, which makes is amongst the few cloud storage services that accommodates all three of them.

IDrive caters to the smartphone market as well by offering smartly designed apps for Android and iOS, which can be used to access computer data that users have backed up. Furthermore, IDrive backs up mobile data too for both systems, from media, contacts, calendar events, with the Android version creating backup variants of texts, call logs, app data and Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Other advanced capabilities include things such as notification options, scheduling capabilities (meaning you can schedule the soft to backup specific data at predetermined interval), disk-image backup and file versioning. Another neat feature that separates IDrive from its competitors is the so-called ‘’true archiving’’. In short, this feature means that even if you erase a certain file from your computer, whether accidentally or otherwise, it will still remain on the cloud up until you manually delete it or perform an archive format process.

With so many specialized features purpose-built to counteract disaster scenarios, one would expect astronomical prices. However, the IDrive pricing options are fair, flexible and competitive, both for individual users and businesses.

How to Backup Your Files Using IDrive

Now it is time to take a look at the platform itself and see how it compares to its competitors. Its many features built with a focus on user intuitiveness and file restoration makes it very apparent that IDrive realizes the importance of backing up files.

After creating your account and installing the application, the client will trigger an automatic scan of your computer which will result in a list of folders to back up. This takes a matter of seconds. After the process is over, you will see a bar popping up which tells you the status of your uploading process.

There are several ways to backup files, but IDrive gives users the options to select which files are to be committed either to the local drive or the cloud through the ‘’change button’’. If, for example, there is a high number of files that you want backed up immediately, you can select the button that says ‘’view excluded files’’. In this way, you can set the manager to take into account or exclude certain files when the next backup process occurs.

For simplicity and tracking purposes, the client includes a search bar in the web-based manager. Furthermore, you can schedule backups from the client, or back them up yourself if you so desire.

Another thing that separates IDrive from its competitors is the file restoration feature. This function makes file restoration as simple as clicking on a few buttons. If you are dealing with lost or compromised files, all you have to do is simply open the ‘’Restore’’ section of the manager, reviewing the files and, after selecting them, you will see the version of each file. Click on the ‘’Restore Now’’ button and you are done.

Is IDrive Safe?

Yes, IDrive is very safe. In fact, the service uses a security infrastructure similar to Mega. IDrive secures user data through a 256-bit encryption key for files in transit to the cloud, and a 128-bit encryption key for the connection itself.

Another thing that Mega users will be familiar with and add an extra layer of security is the fact that IDrive lets users create their own encryption keys. Since data is constantly guarded by IDrive, you can request a remote wipe in case your computer is stolen. Furthermore, users also have access to another service called IDrive express, through which the company ships a physical hard drive will all the data stored on their servers by a customer upon request.


This concludes our small write-up about IDrives flawless backup infrastructure. If you are looking for a cloud storage service with excellent features and tons of backup options, you can rest assured that IDrive will take good care of your precious data.




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