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Ayboll Native Ads for Monetizing Your Blog

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Blog monetizing is one of the most important things for a blogger. But monetizing a blog is not an easy task. There is a difference between monetizing your blog and making it irritating for readers. I am sure you must have come across blogs and websites which have way too many advertisements. You closed it in seconds, didn’t you?

This can happen to your blog too.  But what if I told you that you can post ads on your blog in such a way that they looks like really useful content to the visitor but actually are advertisement posted on your website. Yeah, you read it right. Ayboll (the ad network) came up with this brilliant idea.

Keep reading my Ayboll review to find out more.

Ayboll Native Ads for Monetizing Your Blog

When you are a passionate blogger, you want to provide information to the visitors and let them have a good time without any distracting and irritating ads flashing on your blog. But you also want to monetize your blog and make money from it, which requires posting ads.
This is where Ayboll comes in to play. It will let you install a widget on your blog or website which displays ad containing links to content published on other networks. These ads are posted in such a way that it gives the visitor unobtrusive experience.

This amazing feature has made Ayboll really popular among bloggers and website owners. On majority of blogs you will find widgets like ‘’Recommended for you’’ at the bottom of your blog or page. These widgets contain links to content that your visitors might find interesting. The visitor will click on the article and you will earn 50% commission.

Why you should Prefer Ayboll?

a) These ads are engaging, attractive and come with catchy headlines which will result in more and more people clicking on these Ads
b) Some ads offer 50$ – 100$ commission per click
c) These ads are in rotation, which promises a good conversion rate

Ayboll Native Ads for Monetizing Your Blog

Are websites and Blogs making money for Real?

Thousands of blogs and websites are making a generous amount of money using Ayboll. Its $12.12 RPM is very impressive. Ads are placed near the bottom of the page which is a great strategy. Statistics show that there are over 2,000 advertisers with an average CPM of $6

This is how you can get started with Ayboll

1) Sign up

Developers of Ayboll have kept its interface, very simple and sleek. The best thing about Ayboll is that you don’t need any approval. And there is no clause about the quantity of traffic and type of content. You can sign up and start in a matter of seconds. They won’t even ask you to verify your e-mail or website.

You don’t have to worry about the size of ads. Ayboll’s widgets are completely responsive, which adjusts themselves according to the devices screen and resolution. All you have to do is select your preference of light or dark colour and number of rows and columns. You can sign up for Ayboll here

Ayboll Native Ads for Monetizing Your Blog

2) Widgets

After you sign-up, you will have to create a widget. It is free and won’t take more than a couple of minutes per widget.
Here are the steps to create widget:

a) URL

You have to enter URL of the website on which you want to install the widget.

b) Name your widget

This name is only for the reference of Ayboll team. It will not appear on your website. Be careful when you name the widget, as you will have to name each and every widget you create.

c) Ads rating

You can choose the rating of ad to be appearing on your website. It can be safe, moderate or 18+.

d) Widget header title

This will appear as head of the widget. Most bloggers use titles like ‘’ RECOMMENDED FOR YOU’’ or “YOU MAY LIKE”. You can use your own creativity and choose a different heading. Be sure to write something catchy.

e) Columns and Rows

Columns and rows are set-up at 2 columns by default. You can increase it to 5 columns and 3 rows. Size of the widget will adjust automatically according to the type of device visitor is using. You can choose the style of the widget (Light or Dark). Whichever suits your website’s background

After you create a widget, you will receive an install code, which you need to install on your website.

Ayboll Native Ads for Monetizing Your Blog

3) Payment Process

Ayboll has 3 options for payment transfer. These 3 options are PayPal, Skrill and wire transfer. Since PayPal is not available in every country that is why Ayboll team has included Skrill and wire transfer. There is a processing fee of $25 per transaction, though there is no transaction fee for any transfer. Payment is released by Ayboll between 1st and 10th of every month. Threshold for payment is $100.

Ayboll Native Ads for Monetizing Your Blog

With Ayboll monetizing your website will not be an issue for you anymore. It offers ads which are related to your website niche and its tempting headlines and content promise a high conversion rate. Its generous payment model of 50% commission is a win-win situation for the website owner. The generous payment model and absence of approval shenanigans has made Ayboll the most desirable ad network among bloggers. You don’t have to be a tech genius to use Ayboll any tech noob can use Ayboll.
I have been using Ayboll for a while now and if you are planning to apply for an ad network, then I suggest you to give Ayboll a shot.

Here is a video of Ayboll in action to let you know more:

Video Credits: John Mcmillan

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  1. ayboll is a pretty good service… I have it running on 3 of my blogs and the payout is quite good, as opposed to taboola, I didn’t have to speak to anyone before I could just take the widget and have it running on my site… keep it up.

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