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Sonam is a passionate content expert and copywriter. Qualified with M.Phil. in English Literature, she has been writing for the past 7 years for web and loves to work on every niche. Her clients have always appreciated her for her work and creativity. She has recently started blogging for herself after researching enough about the industry. Find her on Google+.

20 Best Android Apps for 2015

Mobile phones are longer merely used for communication,. With the advent of latest and state-of-the-art technology, new and advanced features have been added and today, your mobile phone has much more to offer than just communication. Android is a very common operating system to be used in mobile devices. This is an incredible operating system which comes with different kinds of utilities and features. Most importantly, it allows you to add more useful applications. Android is constantly coming up with

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Top 10 Best Tech Gadgets for Your Teenager

Technology has brought about a revolution in all the aspects of our lives. Today, with the help of technology, we do not only accomplish what seems to be impossible even a few decades ago, it has also helped us add new dimensions to our lives. Today, technology is being used to impart education and training to the teenagers. There are numerous very useful gadgets available which are being used to train teenagers. They are not only being used to impart

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