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Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know

The number of android users is high all across the globe. It is very likely that you are reading this article on your favourite android. This popularity is courtesy of the host of cool features and applications which android phones support and offer it their users. Loading… While using your android, sometimes you can run into complications and some processes may be difficult to execute. Therefore it is always handy to know certain tricks and hacks which make your phone

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7 Best Secret Gmail Tricks and Hacks

Gmail is a popular email solution to most people today. It’s synchronization with Google offers diverse tools and mechanisms to manage a lot of your stuff which takes place online. Your Gmail id also gives you universal access to all Google products. Thus it comes in very handy when you know some secret Gmail tricks and hacks to increase your productivity and efficiency. Here are 7 best secret Gmail tricks and hacks to make your life easier 1. Prioritize your

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7 Best Secret Twitter Tricks That Will Blow You

Twitter is a very popular tool for social media. Over the years it has become a standard part of urban life. The simple concept of updating what you are thinking had transformed into a large sphere of messaging, tagging, social media marketing and online branding. Twitter is an excellent tool for you. It allows you to connect with people close to you, people you like and idolize and also firms and organizations which you follow. The great part is that

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10 Secret Facebook Tricks You May not Know

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Everybody you know uses it to do a lot of things. You can share news and important updates with friends and family. You can upload pictures and videos and share what you want with people living across miles from you. Moreover, you can also engage in fun activities like liking pages and reading posts and links shared in your network. That is why it is huge source of engagement in the

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