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4 New Best Apps for Better Learning & Writing Of This Year


As the popularity of distance learning and online courses increases, even the world’s best colleges rely on constant use of diverse applications that help students to become better at writing, planning, proofreading, and getting the text structured. A reason for that is the low price (some applications are free!), great accessibility, and customization for basically any learning environment.

Choosing among the best apps for college students, it is difficult to narrow down the applicants to the very few because every person has a different perception of perfection. Nevertheless, every student needs applications that help with planning, editing, and even such tasks as friendly deadline reminders. If it helps to become a better learner and improves basic cognitive skills as well, it is a great bonus that should not be missed!

Staying In Control of Your Studies

While there are countless applications that are meant to help with the college struggles, far not all of them are convenient and adjustable. In practice, an average person uses 2 to 5 apps on a daily basis while turning to additional solutions only when a particular checking must be done.

A good example is Grammarly, which covers most spelling and grammar issues, but does not check a research paper for plagiarism or provides an automatic generation for popular writing formats like MLA or APA. Choosing the best writing apps, remember that there is no solution that will address every issue at once. However, there are universal applications that are beneficial for every student.

  • myHomework Student Planner: While it may not appear in the top writing apps for learning, this planner runs on any platform and helps to learn wherever you are. Keep your class schedule and homework plans under control, receive different reminders and look through important attachments with calendar schedule. There are both free and paid versions for $4.99 that allow more storage and grant access to additional functions like themes and external calendars.
  • CliffsNotes: It is a great paid solution that provides literature guidance for popular books. Including helpful notes, it assists in the analysis of characters, offers plot summaries, and audio files with book excerpts and essay examples. Written by professionals in the field of education and English literature graduates, this app costs only $1.99 per title but acts as great assistance for college students. Still, if you need custom help for your homework assignment, it is obvious that no writing software can replace professional essay writers for hire who can deliver custom-tailored assistance with proofreading and plagiarism checks. After all, only a human helper can understand a complex grading rubric and see all the learning twists.
  • Scrivener: An application that works both for Android and iOS, it is an essential helper that assists in writing and editing tasks. Just when you need to check a document and move large portions of text, it is one of the most convenient apps. It is fully customizable and has great color schemes, so a user can organize texts as one sees fit. Once done, a document can be published in one of many popular formats.
  • CampusBooks: It is one of the newest apps that help college students not only in educational terms but also acts as a great way to save money. This interesting app helps to find the lowest price if you buy or rent a textbook. Likewise, if you want to sell a book that you no longer need, it will assist as well. In addition, it scans barcodes of any published book or a journal, showing you the nearest store location or a website with the lowest price. A great aspect is that CampusBooks app is not only limited to college books, but to all kinds of printed or online materials. Once a student establishes a renting service for textbooks and can save time on finding the lowest bargains, there is more time for learning!

Keeping Your College Life Safe

Although there are numerous promising solutions, even the best learning apps may contain malware and security risks. In order to avoid trouble or loss of important data, stay careful and read the reviews before downloading anything.

Check official links and avoid applications that seem to have it all. If you are on campus, ask your friends about what learning and writing apps have been helpful for them. Always check for memory usage because it may interfere with your usual phone tasks. Do not install too much because if a solution is good enough, you will need only 2-3 of them.


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