Top 10 Android Productivity Apps & How They Benefit


When you need to work more productively, there are plenty of Android apps that will fit the bill. Using these types of apps not only makes your job easier but also helps maintain privacy and security while going about your tasks. These Android products will help you get everything done a lot faster, as well.

1. Surfshark

Using Surfshark VPN for Android gives you the encryption that you need to protect your privacy, without compromising on your Internet speed. Unlimited device support enables everyone else in your organization also to make use of this helpful app. The interface is easy to use, making getting started an effortless task.

You can also use the app on the go to make sure you always have the access you need to your most important projects. The security over public Wi-Fi helps assure everyone of the integrity of their projects. Another nice perk is less wear on your device’s battery life when running this software.

2. Toggl

If tracking time while working is important, one of the best time-tracking applications is Toggl. It’s much easier to keep track of your billable hours using one of these programs and provides you with greater peace of mind when you’re not in the office. A major part of its flexibility is that it’s useful for both work and personal time tracking.

This program has a free option, and also works across multiple platforms. In addition to its multi-platform flexibility, it also syncs easily. Nobody you work with will need to worry about being left out of anything with these features.

3. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Many an employee has been pleasantly surprised to learn that the Adobe Acrobat Reader they’ve used on their computer for years is also available for Android. This app also works well with Adobe Scan, which makes collaborating on documents in various sizes much easier.

Some of the most popular features from the computer version of the program, like the annotation feature, are also available in the Android version. You can add notes to your documents without any trouble.

4. Solid Explorer

Many would agree that searching for files stored on various devices is a cumbersome, time-consuming task. This task will become a lot easier if you use Solid Explorer to access and manage these files on multiple devices.

If you need to archive or send multiple files elsewhere, you can also compress everything into .zip files. Compression abilities make it easier to send larger files without any difficulties.

5. Asana

If you and your co-workers need a reliable work-management application, Asana makes collaboration easier all around. It’s easy to manage both ongoing and deadline-based projects with the same level of ease.

One of its best features is the ability to push notifications through to colleagues no matter where their location is at the time. If you’re collaborating on a project with fluid milestones and deadlines, a program such as this one will make everything easier all around.

6. RescueTime

Some people find that their biggest challenge doesn’t rest with how they spend billable hours, but how they spend the rest of their time online. Apps like RescueTime come in handy under these circumstances to give people a clearer picture of how they use their time on different devices.

The time that you spend doing tasks online is grouped into either productive or unproductive time, based on your criteria. A mixture of reports and graphs will give you the information you need about your productivity level.

7. DocuSign

An app that easily lets you save more paper is DocuSign”. When you put this program to use, it’s easier to sign more documents electronically.

Electronic signing options are not only better for the environment, but also make it easier for everyone to work faster. The process of printing out and manually signing documents takes up a lot of time for many companies’ employees, making electronic options better for everyone.

8. Dropbox

File syncing is an important part of how many businesses’ employees collaborate, which makes programs like Dropbox crucial. Once installed and synced with other devices, any document you need is no further away than your fingertips.

Because the app syncs with devices across platforms, you and your co-workers can work on projects without worrying about compatibility. With everyone being able to work together, your team will get more done, likely in less time.

9. Grammarly

Android users will benefit from having access to Grammarly, especially for jobs that are writing-intensive. Going back over your work manually often results in missing errors that require attention, making the application somewhat like having a personal editor.

With this software, you’ll be able to catch everything from spelling and punctuation errors to awkward sentence structure. One of the significant benefits is being able to specify what types of mistakes and suggested corrections you want to be highlighted.

10. Newton Mail

It’s not uncommon for employees and freelancers alike to have multiple email addresses from different providers they need to check throughout the day. A trusted email client, Newton Mail, allows you to read mail from all your accounts in one place.

Like many other favorite mail clients, Newton features a calendar and swiping support so you can organize your email faster. Other additional features include read receipts and snooze buttons.

These productivity apps will help you and your colleagues accomplish more with each task. Adding any or all of these to your devices will help everyone work better, no matter what the scope of the job.


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