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Amazon Affiliate Program Review: Legit or Scam ?


Amazon is one the best ecommerce company in this industry and they have a very strong affiliate program with little or few drawbacks. You can get started by registering over here. There is an approval process. You can get an easy approval even if you provide a facebook fanpage which you own.

Is it really possible to make money with Amazon? Yes, it definitely is; some affiliates earn 4-5 figure monthly incomes with the Amazon Affiliate program. The Amazon Affiliate program is legitimate business model and is definitely not a scam for those of you out there wondering.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review

If you go to, you can sign up as an Amazon affiliate and start driving traffic. If someone clicks on your link and purchases a product on Amazon, you get paid; it’s as simple as that, it’s extremely basic to the point that anyone can really do it, it just takes some time and effort.

There is a simple formula on how the Amazon Affiliate program works:

Review Site + Targeted Traffic = Money

So once you started pouring traffic on your targeted site  then you are going to make hell lot of money through Amazon. Trust me some of my friends are making hell lot of money through running various amazon affiliate niche sites and they are making hell lot  of money through Amazon affiliate program.

Pros and cons of Amazon Affiliate Program:

One of the best things about being an Amazon affiliate is that they’ve already done the product research for you as far as hot, selling products are concerned. So there is a shortcut for you to choose which products are hot to sell on your sites/blogs. They list them for you; you can just pick a category. For instance if you want to sell something to do with electronics, you go into that category and pick something.

Let’s say you choose to sell mobile/smartphones and services. You click on that and within there you will find subcategories so you have phones with service, accessories, unlocked phones, etc. As an Amazon affiliate, you can see which items are best sellers in each subcategory.

Amazon will also disclose how many days that item has been on the top 100 sellers. The “what to sell” part as an Amazon affiliate is pretty easy; what you do is find a category you want to target first. Then pick anything in particular that you want to sell (best sellers).

  • You have your Daily reports and properly sorted earnings, orders reports.
  • The best thing about Amazon is that they only show you the earnings of the orders that are already delivered. So, once you get a commission into your account it wont reduce.
  • The conversion rate is very less in beginning but it  will  grow slowly once you have lot  of orders.

Amazon Vs Flipkart: Which is better ?

When we compare both Amazon vs Flipkart  I must say that Amazon is much more well sorted and structured network.

Flipkart needs to be improved a lot in many aspects. Flipkart needs to build more trust with more transparent and clear earnings report which we are not getting now.

What is your experience with Flipkart & Amazon do let us  know in comments.

How to Rank Amazon Affiliate Niche site

Once you have site for selling Amazon products. After that you need to get backlinks for your site so it can rank for SEO. If you don’t have any links for your site, it isn’t going to rank in search engines very well, leading to no traffic, therefore earning no penny as an Amazon affiliate. So you need to have good SEO fo your niche site from where you want to make money. You can start with article marketing by writing a few articles and link them back to your review pages. Writing press releases works really well as well.

When you have a well ranked site, you’re well on your way to making money as an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon Affiliate Earning Proofs

Amazon Affiliate Program Money proof earnings

Do let us know if you face any problem signing up for Amazon affiliate program. Also share your experience as an amazon affiliate. We would love to know how Amazon converted well for your business.

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