AdPeriscope Review: Best Spying Tool For Adult Campaigns

There are plenty of advertisement campaigns that have flooded the markets. Owing to this, the count of competitors in this field has also increased exponentially. Most of the advertisement campaigns on the products are liberal without age bars due to their content accessible foe every crowd.

However, there are a few campaigns that are age restricted and hence needs special attention. This ad-campaign software helps to build age restricted advertisements that can attract and is specially designed for large chunk of audience. The software also helps in the deployment of our choice of landing page on our servers

AdPeriscope Review

AdPeriscope” is basically a spy tool designed for adult ad campaigns and optimizes these campaigns by apt keywords and banners more than any other tools currently. Its multiple features help in boosting the campaigns. 

Introduction about AdPeriscope

AdPeriscope is advertising campaign software that helps to provide a demographic area to extend the campaigns. It allows campaigning in over 50 countries that spreads across most of the continents.

This software tool leads the advertisement from front end and hence it optimizes the process with exact keywords and makes impact networks. It gives an access to all the adult advertise networks unlike any other tools currently. 

This tool is easy and friendly to use. It epitomized to the extent such that every user is benefited from its features. The online marketing platform has grown gigantically and competition has got tougher with each passing day. There are numerous people trying to get ahead with their campaigning of products. 

  • AdPeriscope helps in accessing to the largest banner inventory.
  • This software will be executed for all age restricted campaigns of our products and will also be validated such that our hidden campaigns are being run by more than 150 mobile carriers.
  • Managing Adult campaigns are tough because of certain restrictions that must be labeled pertaining to age groups and AdPeriscope is the right software tool that helps to manage this with ease.

Why we Should Use AdPeriscope

AdPeriscope is one of the tools that allow managing ad campaigns of adult products with ease and covering large extents globally in more than 50 countries, from each and every continent. I have been greatly benefited with its keyword optimization, access to the largest banner inventory to carry out front end campaigns effectively.

  • It helps to be notified on the market notification and uncover the profitable sites which will be most effective to run the product campaigns.
  • It also offers access to someone else’s landing page and allows us to download and deploy it if it proves helpful for our campaigns. 
  • The multiple benefits provided by this software tool for managing adult campaigns distinguishes it from rest of the online marketing tools and software.

Features of AdPeriscope

AdPeriscope Features

AdPeriscope is filled with multiple options as discussed above and additional features that make it reign in the competition. The other features are briefed below:

  • Filters: It helps to filter the ad network data as per countries, mobile devices, languages, third-party banner and tracker etc.
  • Multiple Sort Options: You can also sort the data by ad strength, duration, data seen and the Alexa rank of landing page.
  • Simple and Advanced Searches: You can search for ads and banners by networks, The banners are scanned on the basis of the texts such that they can be easily searched, The advanced Boolean Query Builder also boosts the search capabilities.
  • Complete List of Publishers: The tool is so well developed and designed that it allows looking for large number of publisher sites and then provides the publishers that can provide highest ROI to all advertisers. 
  • Easy Download & Deploy of Tool: You can easily download it and provide your credentials like name and email address to get started. Editing and optimizing on your landing page is extremely simple. You can also create your personal favorite ads and keep them for later analysis.

AdPeriscope Pricing

The pricing plan of AdPeriscope, software tool is quite affordable. It provides access to all major ad networks, 3G or 4G data from more than 250 carriers, and online chat support from their executives for any problems encountered, etc. You can buy at just about 89.99 USD per month. 

This pricing plan is common to all users and you can enjoy all end to end benefits with this pricing plan. 

Wrap Up: AdPeriscope

The above features and its simple working procedure in itself is a recommendation for using this software tool for ad campaigns, especially for adult content campaigns. It helps in applying perfect restrictions and provides options that are much more than the actual price of the software.

The software has already secured a staunch audience count of 8 Ad-networks, over 156 mobile Carrier and spread over 56 countries across the globe.

So get started with it and enjoy boosting your ad campaigns to next level.

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