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Aadhar Card Download, Update, Check Status Online 2015

Hey friends, Do you know how to Aadhar Card Download or Check Aadhar Card Status ?

So today in this article today we will provide guide on Aadhar Card Download and Aadhar Card Status 2015. So please read the article and Download Aadhar Card 2015 easily. Aadhar Card is govt doucment issued by govt of India to all peoples. Aadhar Card servers as a proof of identity. Aadhar Card is so important for indian citizens. If you want to open a account in any bank then you need your Aadhar Card. If you want to take a gas, electricity connection then all you need is Aadhar Card In 2015. Aadhar Card is very important for Indian citizen.

So it’s very important to have a Aadhar Card for all Indian citizens. You can make you aadhar card in any city of india. This is a free service provided by govt of india. You need to go to nearest Aadhar Card station and apply for Aadhar Card 2015.

You can also Download Aadhar Card from UID official website. If you already applied for aadhar card and not receive yet then you can check Aadhar Card Status On UID website. If you don’t know how to check Aadhar Card Status or Download Aadhar Card Online then don’t worry. We tell to every single step to Aadhar Card Download or Check Aadhar Card Status Online. You need to follow procedure listed below. After following the below procedure you can easily check Aadhar Card Status and Download Aadhar Card from UID official website.

 Aadhar Card Download Update Check Status Online

Things You Need For Aadhar Card Download

1. Aadhar number Or Enrollment number

2. Full name of oandidate

3. Pincode of your area/city

4. Mobile number (Written on slip)

Note: You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number for Aadhar Card Download so please check your mobile phone is active and near with you.

How To Download Aadhar Card 2015

How To Download Aadhar Card 2015

1. Log on official website of UIDAI by Click Here.

2. Please enter your enrolment/aadhar number in box.

3. Enter you name, pincode.

4. Enter your mobile number in box.

5. Click on “Get One Time Password” button.

6. After clicking on “Get One Time Password” buttton you will receive a code on your mobile.

7. Enter the code in Enter OTP column.

8. Click on “Validate & Download” button.

9. All Now.. Now you can Download Your Aadhar Card/ Print Aadhar Card.

10. Your computer/laptop must be connected to internet by any medium. If your computer is not connected to internet then you will not able to download aadhar card from UIDAI website.


How to Download Aadhaar Card Online

Important Steps At Aadhar Card Downloading Time

1. Right click on the ‘validity unknown’ icon and click on ‘Validate Signature’.

2. You will get the signature validation status window.

3. Click on ‘Show Certificate..’

4. Verify that there is a certification path named ‘NIC sab-CA for NIC 2011, National Informatics Center’. This identifies ‘NIC sab-CA for NIC 2011, National Informatics Center’ as the owner of the certificate that has been used when signing the document.

5. Mark the certification path named ‘NIC sab-CA for NIC 2011, National Informatics Center’, click the ‘Trust’ tab and then ‘Add to Trusted Identities’ buttons.

6. Answer ‘OK’ to any security question that follows.

7. Check tick mark the field for ‘Use this certificate as a trusted root’ and click ‘OK’ twice to close this and the next window.

How To Check Aadhar Card Status/ Number Online

How To Check Aadhar Card Status Number Online
How To Check Aadhar Card Status Number Online


1. Visit the official website of UIDAI

2. Select Aadhar Number (UID) from tip selection choise.

3. Please enter your full name at registration time.

4. Enter your email id or mobile number.

5. Enter the security code and click on generate OTP button.

6. After some time you will receive OTP on your mobile.

7. Enter the OTP in last column and click on Verify OTP button.

8. If you enter right OTP in box then you got a successful message “Congratulations! Aadhaar Number (UID) has been sent to your mobile”.

9. You will soon get your aadhar number on your mobile/mail id.

Important Update On Aadhar Card Status Online, Notification 2015

I hope you like this article on Aadhar Card Download, Aadhar Card Status Online. Please share this article with your friends and family. After sharing this article they can also download their aadhar card from UIDAI official website.

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