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7 Best Secret Twitter Tricks That Will Blow You


Twitter is a very popular tool for social media. Over the years it has become a standard part of urban life. The simple concept of updating what you are thinking had transformed into a large sphere of messaging, tagging, social media marketing and online branding.

Twitter is an excellent tool for you. It allows you to connect with people close to you, people you like and idolize and also firms and organizations which you follow. The great part is that you can send these people direct messages when you follow them, send them direct messages and and get a regular feed of their updates.

secret twitter hacks

But that is not all; there are some secret twitter tricks you might not be knowing. Some of these are very handy.

Here are 7 Best secret Twitter Tricks

1. Twitter keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts

Now you don’t have to use your mouse every time you need to navigate. This is one of the best secret twitter tricks. It has inbuilt keyboard shortcuts through which you can do a great deal of things.

If you hit N on your keyboard while you are on Twitter, then you can immediately write a new tweet. No need to take the cursor to the open tweet box and click in order to start! Cool, isn’t it?

If you want to favourite a tweet, just press F, or press R to re-tweet and T to reply.

2. Multiple Twitter Accounts; One Email

email filtering

This one has a pre-requisite. You need to have an active Gmail account. Gmail supports the use of the + character to filter your main email. All emails to this new account will also go to your primary Gmail.

Thus when the need arises to sign up with a different account on Twitter for a new profile which may be your firm, your store or your blog you can just use All the email will go then to

Thus, you can easily manage multiple Twitter profiles from your single Gmail id.

3. Turn off all Twitter email with a click

turn off notifications

Twitter emails you about everything that happens on your profile. Sometimes it can get annoying. Thankfully there is a way to avoid this.

  • Visit profile settings on your Twitter profile
  • Click on the email notifications tab
  • From their click the Turn Off button to disable all email.

4. Free Last month Analytics


You are an avid blogger and tweet your posts out to your network every day. It is understandable that you might want to see how that is going. No worries. Twitter provides you with all your statistics of the past month. Just log on to and see it for yourself.

You can then choose the Tweets option which shows you the activity from the past 28 days including overall impressions, engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, favourites and replies.

5. Pin a tweet to the top of your profile

pin tweet to profile page

Anyone can pin a tweet to the top of your profile. If you want to show off a tweet that is trending then here is a way.

  • Find the tweet
  • Click on the more button below it
  • Select Pin to your profile page
  • Click the pin button on the pop up that appears

The same process can be followed for unpinning a tweet. Just click on unpin in the end!

6. The fine line between a mention and a reply

twitter reply

Twitter Mention

Most people make a mistake here. Well, not anymore.

It your start a tweet with @username then it is a reply.

It will only be seen by you the mentioned person and the intersection of your and his followers.

It you use @username anywhere else than the start then it is a mention and will be visible to all your followers and his.

7. Schedule your tweets

Schedule Tweet

Ah! I know you like this one already. Well many of us are using tools like Buffer and Klout to schedule our tweets and posts but you can perfectly use twitter itself to schedule your tweets

  • Log on to
  • Click on compose tweet
  • Click on scheduling

It is done. Quite simple isn’t it.

What is your favourite trick on Twitter? Do share with us in your comments

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