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6 Best Whatsapp Secret Tricks Of December 2023 You Must Know


Whatsapp is the best when it comes to instant messaging. I am sure that every one of you uses it. It allows you to connect with your friends, family and colleagues. You can also share stuff with them like photos, videos, contacts and what not.

But that is not all, there are also some other cool tricks you can do with Whatsapp. Actually you may find some of these extremely helpful at certain times too!

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Here are 6 Best Secret Whatsapp Tricks:

Private Invitations

private invitation in whatsapp

Some invitations need to be private and Whatsapp understands that. You want to invite a certain group of close people which is large but not that large, to a family dinner. Posting an event on facebook will not be that beneficial.

Just go on the top left corner of your Whatsapp window. Just below the search bar there is a broadcast list. Just clock on it and then create a new list of contacts you want to send a message to.

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Done! The list will get the message but they will receive it as a private one. How cool is that?

Message Backup

message backup whatsapp

With Whatsapp you can save all the important messages you want. iPhone users can easily backup their chat history to the iCloud on a regular basis. Android users will find the tool within the folder of Whatsappand then databases. The file is called msgstore.db.crypt7. It can be copied and pasted in the exact same location of your Whatsapp folder in a new phone in case you lose the other one.

People Shortcuts

conversation shortcut in whatsapp

Your favourite people at the push of a button! Yes you can do that with Whatsapp. With some simple steps you can just view them on your home screen. Just tap and hold the individuals chat and a tab will come up. Select the add conversation shortcut option and the chat will appear as a tile on your home screen. However this feature is only available on android.

Remove the blue ticks

read message tricks in whatsapp

You get annoyed when someone doesn’t reply to an important message. It happens because such actions are increasingly becoming popular as people tend to ignore. Now you cannot see the two blue ticks. Now you have no idea whether he got the message or not because he can’t be seen!

Don’t worry because Whatsapp can help! Tap on any chat thread and hold. A menu opens. Click on info.  A window will then reveal the exact details of when the message was read. It works for group messages to.

Many numbers, one Whatsapp

select notification

People generally think that they have re-setup Whatsapp when they get a new phone connection. That is not the case.

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Whatsapp sure asks you to register the new number. If you ignore that message, the app will continue running smoothly connected to your old number. Hence, no messing up of contacts and group texting facebook friends to inbox you your contacts; just hassle free messaging.

No blue ticks

WhatsApp no blue ticks

Sometimes, people need privacy or may be in a hurry. In that case a quick glance at your instant messages just to be sure you didn’t miss anything important should not be counted as a read. Instead the two blue ticks do very much the same. The sender knows you read it and did not reply.

What you can do is go to the privacy settings and disable read receipts. Android users will find this feature inbuilt whereas iPhone users are sadly devoid of this cool feature at the moment.

Did you like our cool tips? Which one will help you most?

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Best Secret Whatsapp Tricks

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