10 Things to Do In Havana, Cuba

It is impossible to explore Cuba without visiting Havana. At the very beginning this place might seem like a confusing jigsaw puzzle but while you explore, then you will figure out that it is a beautiful piece of art.

Havana attracts a number of tourists every year due to its rustic charm and colonial building. However, if you are one among them who wants to explore the beauty of Havana, Cuba then here is a top 10 list of things you can do in this magnificent place.

Here you go!!

1. Explore Old Havana:

You might not know that Havana was founded in 1519. Much of the area was developed during the Spanish colonial dynasty. That’s why you will see the touch of Spanish culture on the architectural structures of Havana. For photographers, this place is considered as paradise. No matter where you take a selfie, your background would be filled with either historical buildings or wonderful restaurants.

2. Enjoying the Beauty Of Malecon:

Malecon is a long seafront highway which is located in Havana. It’s only 8 kilometers in length. You will understand the spirit of the Cuban people while visiting this place. The scenic beauty of the ocean crashing against the shore will revive your mind and soul. To get the best scenery, you should visit this place in the afternoon.

3. Visit The Jose Marti Memorial:

Jose Matri is a heroic character in Cuba. This poet is a symbol of bravery for Cuban independence from Spain. Marti spent most of life in prison. He died on a battlefield in Dos Rios. After seven years of his death, the nation gained independence. Jose Marti Memorial is a monument which was constructed to let know the new generations of Cuba about their national hero. There are three statues in this memorial – Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Jose Marti.

4. Explore The Morro Castle:

You are visiting Cuba. So, it’s a must to visit some of its historical sites. Morro Castle is one of those. It took 30 years to build this castle back in the sixteenth century. Though you have to spend some bucks if you want to enter into this castle. Trust me, the money you will spend is worth it.

5. Visit The Museum Of The Revolution:

This museum was used as the presidential palace until Fidel Castro came to power. This architectural structure is quite significant for this reason. This museum contains detailed information and events to let you know about the undisclosed and undisputed leader of Cuba- Fidel Castro.

6. Climb Pico Turquino:

The people who love to hike; Pico Turquino is an ideal place for them. Pico Turquino is one of the tallest mountains of Havana. The view at the top of the mountain is so amazing that people long to visit this place after visiting it once.

7. Take a Tour to the Teatro Nacional De Cuba

The national theatre of Cuba is one of the most impressive buildings in Havana. It was opened in the year 1915 and was closed due to a number of renovations for several years. You will just have to pay 5 USD for an hour tour at this theatre. Moreover, you can even buy a ticket for the ballet as well.

8. Stay in Casa as the Locals

If you want to get the true essence of the Cuban lifestyle, then stay in Casa. Here you will get to know the real Havana. It is a place where there are no hotels whereas, you will have to stay with the locals at their place. They will be your Cuban host as long as you stay in Havana, Cuba.

9. Drink Pina Colada

Nothing can be better than a pineapple juice in the hot and humid weather of Havana, Cuba. There will surely be a time when water will not be sufficient enough to satisfy your thirst and all you need to do is buy a pineapple juice worth 5 USD (5 CUC).

10. Enjoy the Party in the Art Factory

Art Factory is a place you should surely visit as you party hard there as there is no tomorrow. This place is always packed with people, both locals as well as tourists. While you enter they will give you a card with which you can buy drinks and in the end they will add up how much you have had. It is the most interesting place in Havana, Cuba if you are a nightlife person.   

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