Top 10 Best Study Apps for Students: Learn & Grow

Being a student is not easy, and everybody knows that. When you are a college student, you have to write, speak, research, plan, and sometimes do it all at the same time. Hence, you might use a little help with your daily struggles and endeavors. Remember, you have the technology by your side, so here comes the list of the 10 best study apps that will help you with your studies.


If you are a student, you have to know that being able to write down a quick note is extremely important for your overall academic success. Furthermore, being able to organize them in a decent manner can be just what you need to make the best out of each course that you take. Let’s face it, sometimes the lectures are full of unnecessary information. Anyway, here comes the list of apps that you may use for enhancing the quality of your writing.

Quizlet Go

Leaving in the constant fear of tests and exams is just the fate that students have to cope with. But what if I tell you that you can test yourself whenever you want and thus get psychologically ready for any exam? If you download Quizlet Go to your gadget, you will be able to go through thematic tests and quizzes whenever you like. What is more, you can create your own quiz and test the material that you are the most doubtful about.

Google Docs

This app, probably, needs no further advertising as it can become your personal writing cabinet. You never know when the electricity is going to go out or when your laptop’s battery will die, and you will lose everything that you did not save. It is better to be the safer side and use Google Docs, as the writers of PapersOwl review say. This cloud-based service for writing your essays automatically saves everything that you write. Oh, by the way, there is an off-line mode, so you can use it even without the connection to the Internet.

Todoist Premium

Whenever one hears the word student the first association that comes into their minds is multitasking. Indeed, sometimes there are so many tasks and assignments that you have to do within a short span of time that it becomes quite easy to forget about one or two. Todoist Premium has been created in order to help you as this app can become your personal organizer that will remind you about your pushing deadlines. You can make your study process even more organized if you use more apps.

MyScript Calculator

Those who have coined the terms rocket science definitely meant mathematics. MyScript Calculator needs no further explanations and descriptions as this app can solve all your mathematical problems with a glimpse of an eye. Just download it, and you’ll see.

Exam Countdown Lite

Just like Todoist premium, Exam Countdown Lite has been created in order to keep you updated about the dates of your exams. This app is useful solely from the psychological point of view because when the semester starts, you feel relaxed, but then, all of a sudden, it is December and you have to meet a lot of deadlines. Exam Countdown Lite will help you get ready for your exams in a stepwise manner.


This splendid app has been developed specifically for the students who have to speak in public, that is, for every single student. Writing a research paper or an essay is not the end of the road. Sometimes, you have to defend it in front of your class. Thus, having some perfectly written flashcards might save your speech or report. If you want to use even more tricks in your studies, visit this website and learn about some more student apps.

Scanner Pro

Let’s face it, the modern world of education is steeped in technologies. Everything that students submit or have to learn comes either in doc or PDF formats. This app will help you scan everything that you like, literary every text or photo, and turn into a PDF-format document.

Oxford Dictionary

Regardless of your major, if you are a student, you will have to deal with words. Thus, having using the dictionary that is being considered the official words database of academics, scholars, and scientists might be a good idea. Using this dictionary will help you make your essays and research papers more diverse and eloquent

Simple Mind

Sometimes, you can have a lot of ideas that are truly hard to be organized into one, coherent flow of information. This app will help you keep your thoughts and ideas organized and connected.


Being a student is a tall order to face because the level of multitasking that you have to live up to is sometimes simply unbearable. Using technological solutions might become the ace in your sleeve that will help you improve your overall academic performance and greatly simplify your college life.

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